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Smiley Kaul, musician


Smiley’s childhood home was filled with music. Saturday mornings had dad blasting early Garage Rock, the bands of the British Invasion, the sounds of Motown and much more. On Sundays, Smiley would quietly join in with his mom in singing of church hymns. As a teenager, Smiley’s dad taught him a few chords and the classic folk song “House of the Rising Sun”. Smiley would never be the same. He took over his dad’s tough-action Hondo acoustic guitar and started writing his own songs... 

Host a Concert

Backyard or House Concerts

We all crave connectedness. Sure it's easy to stream my music or follow me on social media. You'll get an idea of who I am and what I'm about. You'll be part of a digital group--a false community. But what if you could foster real community? Get to know your neighbors? Share your soul with your friends? Music unites us. When we gather physically there's something mystical at work at a live show. We feel it. We connect.

If you're interested in hosting me and my family for a rockin' backyard concert or an intimate acoustic set, contact me! Use the contact form, or book me through either Porchlight or Host & Artist. Read more…

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